EuroCham Discount Partner Program

Discount Partner Program, What is it?

Being EuroCham company members, the membership card holders will be offered the discounts from EuroCham’s Discount Partners who are luxury lifestyle service providers in hotels & resorts, retaurants, bars, spas, flight & tour agencies throughout Vietnam.

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Enjoy free visibility for your company by offering our members an offer or discount in our Discount Programme scheme!


How to join the EuroCham Discount Partner Program


EuroCham Spouse cards

Spouses of members can also enjoy the discounts. Members need only to order a EuroCham Spouse card in order for their spouse to enjoy the Discount Partner benefits and enter EuroCham events at the member rate. A EuroCham Spouse card is available for only 900,000 VND. Membership applicants can order a Spouse card when they apply online. Existing members click to order a Spouse card.


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