[Corporate News] What’s next in digital upskilling for the Financial services (FS) sector?

The Financial services (FS) sector has become a frontrunner in the race towards digital transformation in Vietnam. Vietnamese banks are pursuing different orientations to digital banking; notable examples include Vietcombank, TPBank, Techcombank, VPBank etc.

So how does the FS sector workforce respond to the ever-changing environment?

The good news is that the Vietnamese workforce in this sector believes that technology will improve their future employability. However, office staff including positions such as bank tellers and administrators, exhibits the highest level of job risk fears. 

For more insights, download our report here. This is an extract from an earlier 'Vietnam Digital Readiness Report' and covers opinions of 160 representatives from the FS sector. We hope you find these insights useful. 

Key findings


Three key ways to further upskill for the FS sector

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