Every candidate wishing to apply for admission to the EUROPEAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE as a Member must submit its application in the form prescribed by the Executive Committee to the main office address of the EUROPEAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. Applications shall be considered by the Executive Committee at the next Executive Committee Meeting following receipt of a duly completed application form and the Executive Committee will promptly notify an applicant whether or not it has been elected as a Member. Election of a candidate as a Member will be valid from the date when a majority of the Executive Committee Members approves the application of such candidate


ARTICLE 1.    Definitions
ARTICLE 2.    Name, form and offices of the European Chamber of Commerce
ARTICLE 3.    Objectives of the European Chamber of Commerce
ARTICLE 4.    Membership
ARTICLE 5.    Application and election for membership
ARTICLE 6.    Rights and duties of members
ARTICLE 7.    Resignation, expulsion and termination of members
ARTICLE 8.    The European Chamber of Commerce meetings
ARTICLE 9.    Executive committee of the European Chamber of Commerce 
ARTICLE 10.  Funds, property and financial matters
ARTICLE 11.  Advisory committee
ARTICLE 12.  Reporting
ARTICLE 13.  Amendment of the statutes
ARTICLE 14.  Establishment and dissolution of the European Chamber of Commerce 
ARTICLE 15.  Auditor
ARTICLE 16.  Governing law and disputes


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