ARTICLE 11. Advisory committee

  • 11.1     The EUROPEAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE can establish an advisory committee ("Advisory Committee") comprised of up to twelve (12) Members from the groups below in Article 11.1, who must be high profile persons:
    • Current or former CEO, chairs or executives of high profile large European businesses; 
    • Current or former CEO, chairs or executives of high profile large Vietnamese businesses; 
    • Current or former CEO, chair or executive of high profile European start-ups or Small and Medium Size Enterprise active in Vietnam; 
    • Former EU Commissioners or former high level EU Ministers; 
    • Current or former EU Ambassador to Vietnam, current or former Vietnamese Ambassador to the EU, or other high-profile senior diplomats; 
    • EuroCham honorary members or senior advisors; 
    • Academic experts or academic leaders. 
  • 11.2     The Executive Committee shall appoint the Members of the Advisory Committee for a renewable term of 2 years. The appointment, removal and replacement (if at all) of the Members of the Advisory Committee shall be made by the Executive Committee per written notice sent to the main office of the EUROPEAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE.
  • 11.3     The quorum for all Advisory Committee Meetings shall consist of not less than one third of the Advisory Committee Members.  At Advisory Committee Meetings, each Advisory Committee Member present shall have one vote and resolutions shall be passed by majority vote. In the event of equality of votes at any Advisory Committee Meeting, the Advisory Committee Chairperson shall have a casting vote.
  • 11.4     The Advisory Committee shall meet at least twice annually to make recommendations on the operations and orientations of the EUROPEAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. Advisory Committee members shall have the right and the obligation to contribute actively and constructively to the agenda and discussion of each Advisory Committee meeting. The Chairperson of the Executive Committee or the Executive Director shall attend the Advisory Committee meetings and report back to the Executive Committee.
  • 11.5     The Executive Committee shall every two years appoint the Chairperson of the Advisory Committee, who shall chair the Advisory Committee meetings and act on behalf of EuroCham’s Advisory Committee.
  • 11.6     The Advisory Committee Chairperson (or, in his/her absence, another Advisory Committee Member nominated by him/her) shall call for all meetings of the Advisory Committee as per Article 11.4, and shall report back to the Executive Committee on the recommendations of the Advisory Committee.
  • 11.7     The Advisory Committee shall regulate its own proceedings as it sees fit in accordance with the provisions of these Statutes.
  • 11.8     The Advisory Committee has the right to call for a referendum of all Ordinary Members, either convened in an Extraordinary EUROPEAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Meeting or by postal referendum, on a specific issue provided that a simple majority of Advisory Committee Members consider that such specific issue to be of significant importance and that particular action of the Executive Committee is required. The Advisory Committee shall notify the Executive Committee of its opinion on such specific issue in writing and such opinion shall be submitted to the vote of the Ordinary Members together with the opinion of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall have to conduct the referendum within one (1) month from the date of receipt by the Executive Committee of the Advisory Committee’s written notice.  The resolution relating to such specific issue shall be passed by the Ordinary Members according to Article 8.7 above.

ARTICLE 1.    Definitions
ARTICLE 2.    Name, form and offices of the European Chamber of Commerce
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ARTICLE 11.  Advisory committee
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