Whitebook 2012

The EuroCham Trade Issues and Recommendations book is published annually by the chamber and identifies the year’s focal business, trade and investment issues affecting our members, the business community and, in many cases society at large.

Compiled from position papers drafted by the chairs of our Sector Committees, the "White Book" identifies problems inhibiting business in Vietnam, between Vietnam and the EU and other relevant areas such as WTO commitments and compliance. The book offers holistic and realistic recommendations to the relevant authorities, be they local, national, regional, and European, that could be pursued. Each chapter provides a concise overview of a particular issue affecting business in Vietnam following an ‘item, issue, recommendation’ format.

Besides all members, the EuroCham Trade / Investment Issues and Recommendations book is delivered to heads of relevant ministries and departments of the Vietnamese government, the Delegation of the European Union to Vietnam, ambassadors, consuls and trade commissioners of the European member state missions in Vietnam, and international, sectoral and partner organizations in Vietnam.

Released at the end of each year, our 4th Trade / Investment Issues and Recommendations book was launched on the 1st December 2011 in Hanoi.

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Read the Executive Summary of the
Trade / Investment Issues and Recommendations
2012 Book

The EuroCham Trade / Investment Issues and Recommendations 2012 book is sent free of charge to EuroCham members.


Copies are available at the following rates:

Additional copies for EuroCham Members:
800,000 VND

2,400,000 VND

The materials can be picked up at EuroCham offices in Hanoi and HCMC or be mailed to you (postage fees apply).

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