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CropLife Vietnam is a member assocation of CropLife Asia - a non-profit society and the regional organization of CropLife International, the voice of the global plant science industry.  CropLife advocate a safe, secure food supply, and our vision is food security enabled by innovative agriculture.  CropLife Vietnam and member companies are committed to long-term investment in new technology to ensure that Vietnam’s 25 million farmers can realize higher crop yields, contribute towards the nation’s vibrant agricultural economy, and produce more high-quality food while minimizing impact on the environment and world around us. We encourage the adoption of plant science innovations including crop protection, seeds and/or biotechnology solutions.

Aims & Objectives:

  • Advocate for science-based, functioning, and consistent regulatory framework that in line with international standards to support the application of Agriculture innovation (CP and Seeds) toward Government’s sustainable agriculture development
  • Support to develop a robust system to protect property rights to registration data used to support crop protection products in Vietnam.
  • Promote a robust patent system with vigilant enforcement for both crop protection products and products of agricultural biotechnology.
  • Implement & promote product stewardship programs and strengthen partnership project to increase opportunities for farmers to adopt most advanced technology in CP and Seeds in a responsible and effective manner – that enable them to continue contributing to the sustainable food supply for both domestic use and exportation
  • Increase public acceptance about sustainable agriculture, food safety, and plant science (CP and Agriculture Biotech)
  • Raise awareness of the economic, social, and health problems created by counterfeit crop protection products and counterfeit products of biotechnology in Vietnam.
  • Promote the use of science-based risk management procedures by regulatory authorities in Vietnam.
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Key interests and Position paper

Safe Food Production
Stewardship: Safe and Effective Use of Crop Protection Products
Safe and sustainable agricultural production
Application of Agriculture Innovation is an essential tool to realize Sustainable Development Goals
Stewardship: A farming training program to promote the responsible use of crop protection Products




Tran Thanh Vu
Syngenta (Vietnam) Ltd.

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