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The Nutritional Foods Group (NFG) is the non-profit, non-governmental representative body of world-leading multi-national dairy companies operating in Vietnam. NFG’s mission is to improve the nutritional well-being of people across Vietnam. Together with the Government, NGOs, and civil society partners, we work to make a positive impact on Vietnam’s nutritional profile.

With the aim of promoting industry development and bringing nutritional and health benefits to Vietnamese people, NFG is continuously striving toward the following objectives:

  • Promoting science-based nutrition knowledge and developing effective policies and practices on safe nutrition for Vietnamese people;
  • Promoting the highest food quality standards;
  • Fostering robust business ethics in the dairy and nutrition sector through observation of strict and comprehensive self-regulation policies;
  • Contributing to the development of science-based regulations governing the industry; and
  • Participating in open discussions with the Government and other stakeholders to facilitate broad-based industry support for stakeholder efforts to improve the nutrition of Vietnamese people.
How can members join SCs:

To be eligible for NFG membership, a company shall meet all of the following criteria:
  • Must be a member of EuroCham;
  • Must be in the business of nutrition products for pregnant women, infants and/or young children, either as a manufacturer, trader or affiliated brand-owning importer;
  • Must receive approval from the NFG Board.
Any EuroCham member applying for membership with NFG must complete and sign the NFG application form as provided in the Annex of NFG Charter, and Code of Marketing Practice for Breast-milk Substitute Milk Products (“Code of Conduct”). Membership applications must be addressed to the NFG Chairperson.
NFG is a self-financed, self-governed bottom-up entity. Thus, the activities are limited by membership fee and focus areas set by members.   
Get more information: If you are interested in joining NFG, please support to fill in and send the NFG Application Form to for our further actions.


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Key interests

Thirst-quenching beverage standard
Special Consumption Tax on sugar content
Label Circular
Asean guideline on breastfeeding
Codex – Cross promotion ban
Food additive list
Microbial contaminant limit is obsolete
Environmental Protection 
Data protection
Ensure the compliance of WHO code

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Mr. Soren Bech
General Manager
Mead Johnson Nutrition Vietnam

Ms. Mrinalini Mankotia
Vice-Chairwoman and Treasurer
Business Executive Officer: Nutrition
Nestlé Vietnam Ltd.

Legislations and Other publications

NFG Code of Marketing Practice
Charter of the Nutritional Foods Group

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