How to join the Discount Partner Program

Participating is simple. You do not have to be a member of EuroCham to become a EuroCham Discount Partner and you do not have to offer your discount for a venue in Vietnam – we welcome offers to our members from locations and services around the world!

Provider of an offer or discount can get a chance to increase your visibility through a number of EuroCham's communication channels:

Click here to view offers from our Discount Partner

There is no limit to the number of offers or discounts your company may offer.

Upon approval of your application, we will send your company a EuroCham Discount Partner signage to display at your reception area, cashier’s desk or counter to inform or remind our members that your company is a EuroCham Discount Partner. Our members should show your staff their EuroCham membership card to prove they are eligible for the offer or discount.

We reserve the right to reject potential listings in relevant communcations channels of EuroCham.


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