EuroCham Chairwoman Nicola Connolly meets with MOLISA and MPI

On 26th August, 2014, Chairwoman Nicola Connolly and delegations of EuroCham met Vice Minister of MOLISA, Mr. Pham Minh Huan and Vice Minister of MPI, Mr. Nguyen Van Trung to discuss further cooperation with two Ministries in 2015. 

At the meeting with MOLISA, EuroCham with participation of Chairwoman Nicola Connolly, Chariwoman of HR& Training Sector Committee Caroline Chazard Meas, some EuroCham Board members and representatives of European companies agreed to prepare detail plans for specific cooperation with MOLISA on vocational training, work permit, overtime and ASEAN free labour movement. MOLISA also asked the support from EuroCham on sharing European experiences and best practices on these issue, especially on free labour movement from case of EU during period of merging East of Europe and West of Europe. HR Sector Committee will work closely with working group of MOLISA on detail cooperation to improve human resource market in Vietnam.

On the same date, Nicola and EuroCham delegation also met with MPI. show some successful case of European companies doing business in Vietnam like Piaggio and Bachy Soletanche and would like to further cooperate with MPI in 2015. It is 25 years celebration of  EU – Vietnam relation in 2015. Therefore, EuroCham would like to hold some events with MPI to show successful stories of European enterprise and lesson learnt to make Vietnam more attractive with European Investors.


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