Stewardship Day 2014: Safe And Effective Use Of Crop Protection Products

Stewardship Day 2014: Safe And Effective Use Of Crop Protection Products
Croplife Vietnam’s annual event with increasing engagement of targeted subjects

Ho Chi Minh City, 30 October 2014, Following the success in the last two years, Croplife Vietnam will organise the Stewardship Day 2014 on 31st October 2014 in six Mekong Delta provinces.

Launched for the first time in Vietnam in 2012, the Stewardship Day has caught huge interest from both local authorities and farmers with its one-day seminar and training. In 2014, for the sustainability of the initiative, CropLife Vietnam in collaboration with Plant Protection Department and local sub-Plant Protection Departments continues to approach 36 district units and communes in six Mekong Delta provinces with 3,000 farmers expected to join the event. Especially, this is the first time Croplife organises the Stewardship Day in Vinh Long, Hau Giang and Soc Trang, while the event has been familiar with farmers in Long An, Dong Thap, An Giang provinces since 2012.

Organiser and Journalists at the Press conference


The Stewardship Day 2014 activities were also refreshed to attract more farmers to the event and help easily deliver the key theme of “Effective and Responsible use of crop protection products”. In the morning, apart from seminars to address the five Golden Rules* and the four Rights of using crop protection products, a farmers’ performance contest was designed to keep them more engaged and to promote awareness on Product Stewardship. Meanwhile, in the afternoon, farmers at district and commune level will participate in a game show on personal protective equipment (PPE) and understanding of five golden rules, after the at-site training session. The ultimate goal is to raise farmers’ and other stakeholders’ awareness of good practices, which in turn should bring about better health, more economic benefits and sustainable agricultural development in Vietnam.

In line with the key mission of Croplife Asia and Croplife International, we are committed to promoting effective stewardship in Vietnam. We believe that the appropriate management and use of crop protection products help underpin sustainable agriculture and safeguard the environment and public health. That’s the reason why we have maintained the continuity of our stewardship efforts with increasing reach-out scale every year and more interesting elements to the program. We are amazed by the progress it has made to Vietnamese farmers’ awareness of effective and safe use of crop protection products; and we hope the farmers trained in our Stewardship Days would spread out this important message to more people in the community.”, said Mr. Torsten Velden, Chairman of Croplife Vietnam.

EuroCham Executive Director Mr. Csaba Bundik and Project Leader of CropLife Vietnam Stewardship Day Mr. Pham Van Loi


Mr. Pham Van Loi, Project Leader of CropLife Vietnam Stewardship Day, stated: “One of the highlights of Stewardship Day 2014 is the fun element that we added into the activities for local farmers. Through the farmers’ performance contest and the game show on PPE practices and understanding of five Golden Rules, we would like to warm up the atmosphere of the activities and leverage the joy of using crop protection products effectively and safely in every participant. It’s a fun way for farmers to learn the best practices and absorb the message, and gradually make it an everyday habit of farmers in the Mekong Delta provinces. We also want to emphasize that this is not just a one day activity, but it must be followed throughout the seasons and the years to come.”

* The Five Golden Rules of Responsible Use are: Exercise caution at all times; Read and understand the product label; Practice good personal hygiene; Maintain sprayers in good working condition; Use appropriate personal protective clothing and equipment.

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