World Bank - Food Safety Risk Assessment Task Force - Round table on Food Safety Risks Management - 7-8 January 2016

The FAASC was invited to participate in the round table on Food Safety Risks Management. The objective of the 2 day round table was to provide the technical assistance mission of the World Bank with i) an overall picture of food safety situation in Vietnam, ii) stock-taking of food safety risks for selected key food value chains, and iii) brainstorming priorities and potential solutions to address key food safety risks. On the agenda you can see the topics that were presented by various participants, such as Ministries, the FAO, government agencies, universities, embassies. The FAASC gave a presentation on the business perspective of food safety. The abstracts of the presentations can be read here.
The round table is part of Government’s and development partners’ efforts to set up a Food Safety Working Group (FSWG) – a public-private platform to exchange information and recommendations to contribute to the improvement of food safety in Vietnam. For more information of the WG, please see attached the draft Terms of Reference which tentatively set out the group’s objectives and operating modalities.


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