EuroCham met Ho Chi Minh City Peoples Committee to Discuss Smart City Initiatives

On 21st November, President of Ho Chi Minh City Committee, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Phong met with EuroCham Green Growth Sector Committee delegation led by EuroCham Chairman, Mr. Michael Behrens. The two leaders discussed cooperation opportunities and preparations for a series of activities towards the aim to develop Ho Chi Minh City into an efficient and smart city.

EuroCham expressed high expectations and interests in the Vietnamese investment market and expanding businesses into many provinces, also in Ho Chi Minh City which offers many opportunities. This shows the positive signs for further cooperation, especially while the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement is expected to facilitate and boost the trade among EU and Vietnam.

Mr. Behrens, highlighting the strengths of European investors such as responsibility and sustainability, long-term planning; having good know-how and experience and being eager to support the City to solve its challenges in waste and water management, pollution, and promotion of green and renewable energy, environment protection and sustainable building with the aim to make Ho Chi Minh City a desirable and livable place for the long terms. On this occasion, as a good start of the cooperation with the City, EuroCham invited the Peoples Committee leaders and Departments to join EuroCham conference on Sustainable Building Solutions towards Smart City on 24th November.
Mr. Phong highly appreciated and welcomed the EuroCham’ s proactive approach and taking the role of a strong bridge between the business community and authorities, updating on current policies and helping the City to create favorable investment incentives. Mr. Phong also said that he looks forward to EuroCham supporting the City in projects related to digitalization and use of information technology software.


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