ICT Sector Committee Chair trains EuroCham Secretariat on Cybersecurity and Smart Office Behaviour

The EuroCham Secretariat received a most welcome short training on cybersecurity risks at the HCMC Office, also attended remotely by the team members in Hanoi.

The training focused on new hacking and phishing techniques which EuroCham, like any other high profile organisation or company, can be a target of. 

The Training was delivered by the Chairman of EuroCham's Information & Communications Technology Sector Committee Mr. Ammanuel Flobbe (co-founder of Sunbytes - a WordPress Outsourcing company ). Mr. Flobbe focused not only on practices while online or working at the computer, but also on precautions to be taken at the workplace, towards making the best possible to maintain internal and members' data secured and safe from potential trespassing. 

EuroCham is grateful to Mr. Flobbe and pleased for the update received by its staff, as this knowledge towards a safe working environment.

Mr. Ammanuel Flobbe with the HCMC-based EuroCham Secretariat Members and the Hanoi-based colleagues on-screen

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