[BA News] CCIFV Survey Results: Monitoring Health of French Businesses in Vietnam

After successfully containing the virus for much of the pandemic, Vietnam is now facing a rapid spread of infections with severe consequences on the business community. 

The situation is threatening the survival of the businesses of French people living in the country. Those local French invested enterprises are becoming increasingly pessimistic about their company's prospects. Without any legal or capital link with France, they are struggling to cope with the economic slowdown.

Today, we are providing you with a summary of the results which highlights alarming findings. Without rapid external support, many French companies based in Vietnam will be forced to cease their activity within 6 to 12 months, resulting in the weakening of the foreign business community. As such, CCIFV is trying to initiate actions to alleviate the consequences of the economic situation, being aware that any financial support from France is reserved to enterprises established on French territory.


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