EuroCham Meets with Ministry of Transport on Covid-19

On 17th September, EuroCham Transportation and Logistics Sector Committee Chairman Mr. Juergen Weber was honoured to join a Conference organised by Ministry of Transport in Ho Chi Minh City’s People’s Committee’ premises regarding “Supports to logistics and maritime businesses to maintain and develop production and trade activities in the context of Covid-19 pandemic”.

Members and representatives from business associations operating in the transportation and logistics industries together with Directors of Departments and General Departments affiliated to MOT and MOF have shared their current issues and recommendations to the Government and local authorities including various measures and vaccination priority strategy to address the adverse impact of Covid-19 pandemic on trade activities in domestic market, especially those related to logistics.

In response to our concerns, the Minister of Transport Mr. Nguyen Van The affirmed the guarantee to immediately implement following necessary policies, and delivered the following encouraging messages to the participants:

  • Assignment of Directors of all ports and terminals to send official letters/emails to Vinamarine within today explaining the current situation and relevant issues. The Vinamarine is responsible for collecting all difficulties, comments from enterprises and to summarize these comments to different categories corresponding to relevant Ministries.
  • The Deputy Minister of Transport Mr Nguyen Xuan Sang is assigned to make and present the report on next Monday to the Office of the Government and to other relevant Ministers.
  • Commitment to take into consideration comments and recommendations of all concerned agencies, enterprises.
  • Reaffirm to propose initiatives to the Government and other Ministers to reduce highway/transportation fees.
  • Confirmation of prioritizing vaccination to all workers in maritime, logistics and manufacturing industries; especially those are working in HCMC.
  • Two Deputy Ministers are assigned to manage the hotline of MOT supporting, removing barriers for enterprises in the context of Covid-19 pandemic.
  • The facilitation of green pass policy should be implemented with the most favourable conditions for businesses and with full consideration of all recommendations from agencies and enterprises.

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