Eurocham Meets with Dong Nai Leaders

On September 18, 2021, EuroCham Executive Director, Delphine Rousselet joined the meeting with Mr Nguyen Hong Linh - Member of the Central Party Executive Committee - Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Mr Cao Tien Dung - Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee and leaders from other Dong Nai departments to openly discuss on the Socio-economic Situation, investment and the operation of FDI enterprises in 2021 the orientation in 2022, especially production and business plans after the Covid-19 pandemic.   
Although, Dong Nai carried out social distancing with the motto that people stay where they are, enterprises have to do 3-on-site, 1-route-two-locations to fight against Covid-19 escalating,  Mr. Ho Van Ha, Director of Plan and Investment shared impressive statistics on the first 8 months of the year, the province's economy grew slowly, the total retail sales of goods and services only increased by 3.07%, the industrial production index increased by 4.41% over the same period; the total domestic investment attraction capital reached VND 13,379.1billion, accounting for 53.1% over the same period; The number of newly-registered enterprises was 2,160 enterprises, accounting for 78.7% over the same period last year, nearly 250 enterprises were dissolved, more than 630 enterprises were temporarily suspended. In order to facilitate enterprises in the context of Covid-19 to quickly resume to operation. The Provincial People's Committee has issued Plan No. 11102/KH-UBND dated September 15, 2021 to gradually resume socio-economic activities, national security and to ensure the prevention and control of the Covid-19 pandemic in Dong Nai Province in the new situation.  According to new plan, in order to ensure continuous production without disrupting the production chain, enterprises are allowed to implement the following 2 options:
  1. Enterprises may select, exchange or supplement employees to maintain production but have to ensure the certain conditions
  2. ​Coordinating with local authorities for workers to go to workplace and return home daily but have to ensure the several conditions.
EuroCham Executive Director shared impression on remarkable efforts of Dong Nai PC and Party and also shared several concerns of European enterprise following Prime Minister's strategic policy direction to adapt to "living with the pandemic safely and responsively" namely accelerate the vaccination plan for factory workers, 3-on-site model should be adjust to adapt new situation, supporting documents and related approval procedures for re-entry should be streamlined compared to that of new entry, inter-provincial travel should be allowed under strict and clear guidance and the digital certificate of vaccination (QR code) should be recognized as travel pass.
In response to EuroCham, other association together with Dong Nai FDI enterprises, Mr Cao Tien Dung,  Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee and Mr Nguyen Hong Linh - Member of the Central Party Executive Committee - Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee show highest commitment to facilitate enterprises overcoming this difficult time by actively working with MOH to channel vaccines to the province, support vaccinated experts, workers and shippers to resume work; cooperate with immigration department to further push for the process of entry permit. Regarding transportation based on the designated zone colour, Mr Cao Tien Dung committed to update once per week the Covid-19 development map and it should be colour in smaller unit such as hamlet, residential group. He also updated that after 20 September, Dong Nai shall have assessment on the implementation of Plan 11102 to have appropriate adjustment and there shall be task force between south-eastern with present of provinces leaders and lead by Mr. Truong Hoa Binh, to consistent and quickly solved issues related to transportation of commodities and citizen in south-eastern area.
During meeting, European member Nestle company donated nutritional foods with Valued 2 Billion VND to Dong Nai province to support children effected.


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