EuroCham Online Meeting With Tien Giang's People Committee

The meeting chaired by Mr. Nguyen Van Vinh - Deputy Secretary of Tien Giang provincial Party Committee, Chairman of Tien Giang People’s Committee, together with directors of Tien Giang departments and chairman/ vice chairman of subprovincial Peolple’s Committee.
EuroCham joins with other Representatives from local chambers and enterpises to paticipate in the meeting.


  • Mr. Nguyen Van Vinh in his opening speech pointed out 6 main issues that local authorities have received from the business community:
  1. Vaccination for workers;
  2. Reduce the requirements on quick COVID test;
  3. Resumption of production and business operations;
  4. Financial support for enterprises;
  5. Quarantine period;
  6. Goods circulation.

He added, though there has been significant progress on pandemic control and prevention, but the situation is still very complex. Therefore, Tien Giang PC urge enterprises and its residences to be cautious and strictly follow the latest regulations under Directive 27 by the Government until pandemic is taken under control.
He further explained that due to the fact that the province has several gateways with other surrounding provinces, It is difficult to trace all immigrants, therefore it is necessary to have roadblocks where applicable. On top of that, due to the inconsistent regulations and guidelines from the Government, the provincial authorities have been struggling to adapt and hence, set out roadmap accordingly. However, Tien Giang authorities have been and are willing to cooperate with enterprises to overcome this crisis in its best endeavour.

  • Mr. Nguyen Dinh Thong – Director of Department of Planning and Investment gave a brief report on the provincial economic status in the first 9 months.

While the province maintained a steady growth in the first 6 months, upon the outbreak of the fourth wave of COVID 19 pandemic, some key indicators have shown a negative turn (comparing to the same period last year): Total retail sales of consumer goods and service -36%; Export value – 21.5%; Import Value -7.8%; Implementation of the state budget investment capital -63.7%.
Tien Giang PC has issued Plan 267/KH-UBND dated 27 Sep 21 on gradual resumption of socio-economic activities in 3 stages:

  1. By end of October: focus on the pandemic preventions and control, and gradual re-opening. Allowing 50% capacity or 200 workers. Continue with 3 on site model OR 1 route 2 destinations. However, enterprises can consider to select workers from green zones and hence, arrange bus from factories to selected destination in the green zone for pick up and drop off workers accordingly.
  2. From 1st November 2021 to end of Dec 21: moving from “risk” to “new normal”. Enterprises can resume its production and business operations from 30% to 100 % capacity, subject to the compliant with prevention and control measures.
  3. From 1st Jan 22 onward: living with COVID safely.

DPI has received 60 requests from business community and will be working closely with related departments to solve the issues and lift the burdens for the enterprise.

  • Representatives of enterprises (Du Duc/ Yue De, Hung Vuong, Loc Ha, SMEs in Go Cong Tay, Cai Lay…) raised concerns on issues and challenges they are facing mainly in regards to 3 on site models, travel within province and inter-provinces and financial support in terms of loans.
  • EuroCham expressed appreciation to authority endeavour, in particular regular dialogues between Tien Giang authorities and enterprises. EuroCham urge for prompt and consistent implementation of more relaxed and flexible measures in order to facilitate maximum capacity of production and business operation resume and requested: earliest roll-out of vaccination, especially for workers; removal of roadblocks to ensure of goods circulation and reduced requirements 3 on site model.
  • Trần Phú Liêm – Director of Tien Giang EVN

Following guidelines from the Government, EVN has reduced electricity price 3 times, with total value of VND 58.5B for 4 groups: Tourist, Health centers, Seafood and commercial usage. EVN has taken into account the requests from enterprises which are not included in these 4 groups and will seek approval from the Government.

  • Representatives of State Bank:

State banks have received requests from enterprises on loan extension, re-construction and reduction on interest rates…
On 7 Sep 21, Directive 14 was issued to amend Directive 01 on extension of loan and adding more beneficiaries, which includes 1400 enterprises and 1500 loan packages.
State bank has provided several guidelines to credit organisations to evaluate and hence amend the interest rates for new loan. In addition to Directive 01 and Directive 03, Bank association and 16 credit organisations are committed to reduce interest rate. The average reduction within the province is 1.5% and will further reduction by 0.5% - 1%.
In particular, loan for paying salary purpose is entitled to 0% rate.
DOT – Mr. Tran Van Bon
In accordance to Plan 267 issued by Tien Giang PC, by end of October, DOT shall continue to instruct all divisions in order to ensure goods circulation within the province and inter-provinces. DOT has set up and hence will transfer data base of QR codes to Department of People Security to monitor. In case driver could not obtain the QR code, negative test result within 72 hours is accepted.
In the stage of new normal, DOT will continue to cooperate with other related departments to sort out best solutions for workers and enterprises in general.
DOH – Mr. Tran Thanh Thao
Regarding different prices of quick tests: MOH was previously the only provider of test kit. However, since the fourth outbreaks, several providers have been approved and authorized in order to ensure of sufficient resources. The prices of test kit therefore may vary among those providers. However, local authorities must follow instruction from the Government of “zero revenue scheme”. Which means, the test kit will be sold to user at the price of purchase.
The vaccination rate in Tien Giang has been low: for over 18 – 39% with 1st jab, 6.1% 2nd jab.
DOF/ Tax

  • Following Decision52, enterprises are entitled to 3-5 months extension of payment for: VAT, income tax, land leasing…
  • Tests, support for workers can be accounted to COST before tax.
  • Tax department to continue observe and updates guidelines from Government in order to ensure enterprises can receive such support in timely manner.

DOLISA has received several requests from enterprises and hence MOLISA is seeking approval for amendment to the over-time limit.
For foreigners, DOLISA offer its best support in accordance to the Decision 105 by the Government.
Social Security
Continue to implement Decision 68 on support to workers and enterprises during COVID pandemic.
Closing speech by Mr Nguyen Van Vinh
Though the PC has put its best endeavour to obtain vaccine, but has not been provided with sufficient amount. As the result, the vaccination rate remains low.  
By end of this week (16/10/2021), 100% workers within and outside industrial zones will be vaccinated with 1st jab. After 14 days, these workers can come back to work.
Meeting with the Prime Minister at 09/10/2021: The Government ensures that all people over 18 will be vaccinated fully (2 jabs).
Request enterprises to gather information and submit the list to local authority.
Quick Test: following the guidelines by the Government that:

  • Red zones: 1 day / test
  • Orange and Yellow: 3-7 days/ test.

Urge enterprises to take safety seriously and be responsible for the workers health and safe production.
In accordance to the vaccination rate: enterprises may apply for appropriate model ( 3 on site OR 1 route 2 destination for period from now till end of October).
Tien Giang PC will continue its best support and close cooperation with enterprises to ensure safe gradual resume.

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