[Supported] Contribute to the Future of Vietnam: Supporting Professional Inclusion of Excluded Youth

Employment issues represent the main challenges for the 15 Million Youth aged between 15 and 24 years old in Vietnam. The unemployment rate for Youth is currently increasing, reaching 7,47% when it is estimated at 2,62% for the global population. In addition, the quality and decency of the jobs must be taken into consideration. As an illustration, the OECD estimates that half of the Youth are poorly paid.
The Youth coming from excluded backgrounds are the most impacted by these challenges, when they are those to whom, having a job is crucial for their own survival, sometimes vital for their whole family. A decent job represents also the most powerful lever for sustainable inclusion and decent living conditions for the Youth and their relatives.
Several organizations actively support Youth victims of exclusion. They provide complete professional training programs to compensate for the unequal essential access to higher education opportunities, allowing for the development of their professional skills. If these training systems allow Youth to reinforce their capabilities to find a job, organizations need to work side by side with corporations in achieving the professional integration of these Youth: Corporate actors own a decisive role in the professional inclusion of the excluded Youth, from the preparation to final professional insertion.
Collaborating with different organizations in Vietnam, the Youth Inclusion Network (YIN), an international network of companies, eases the implication of the corporates who are willing to efficiently act for the inclusion of these Youth. The YIN connects corporations with Youth, supports the creation of activities and professional opportunities, and organizes sharing moments between members to get support, discuss inclusion best practices and experiences.
In Vietnam, the 7 YIN members (Medicare, Capgemini, Expeditors, Belgo, Servier, Safviet and Officience) perform several activities for the Youth such as Mock Interviews, Company Visits and trainings, preparing the Youth for professional integration. The members also support the professional inclusion of the Youth, offering internships and jobs opportunities.
If their actions have already created a difference for many Youth, the commitment of every corporation is decisive in order to build a change and more than ever of high importance. Actually, the Covid crisis is progressively worsening the precarious and unsafe living conditions of these Youth through lack of job opportunities, limited access to medical care or food support. The current lack of access to education is forecasting an increasing need for support in the upcoming months.
Today, the YIN is able to connect corporates in Vietnam with 1350+ Youth willing to develop their (professional) skills and 490+ Youth looking for job/internship opportunities, with a large variety of profiles, including qualifications and/or current professional training in  IT, web coding, sales, 3D visualization, graphic design, hotel and restaurant, bakery, food and beverage, housekeeping, hairdressing, beauty and spa, automobile mechanic, tailoring, accounting, human resource and social work, pedagogical education, tourism management, media and communications, marketing and more.
Corporates can change the life of these Youth: they have the power to train, support, mentor, reveal inspirational Young adults and the potential of future high performers.
These Youth are incredibly dedicated in their attributed missions and tasks, at the image of the importance of these opportunities in their lives. Integrating Youth into their teams and offering them the adapted management, corporations were impressed by the demonstrated commitment, fast learning and hard-working attitude, leading to proven high progression rates. Their flexible mindset, strong motivation and adaptability, eased the application of internal working procedures and they inspired teams, projects, ideas, and perspectives through their background, resiliency, or by extended attention to clients.
If you want to be part of the change, create a decent future for highly committed Young talents and benefit from diversity, contact the YIN at contact@yinglobal.org and let’s work together for the Vietnamese Youth!

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