[Supported] AmCham Recipes for Revival: Donation results

We are thrilled to announce that, in partnership with EuroCham and AusCham, AmCham CARES raised $5200 (120 million VND) from our special eBook “RECIPES FOR REVIVAL, Inspired by Vietnam's Top Tastemakers". AmCham CARES will donate 60 million VND each to Food Bank Vietnam and Saigon Children’s Charity to support their activities in providing food and other necessities to those in our communities who are struggling most in these challenging times.
Our sincere thanks to AmCham, EuroCham, and AusCham members and friends who joined hands with AmCham CARES, support those in need, and be inspired with Recipes for Revival from ten of Vietnam's top tastemakers!! Many thanks to Epicure Vietnam and Oriental Media's Chris Thompson and Jade Huynh for their design and editing of the ebook, and Vietnam's Top Tastemakers", including: Layla - Eatery & Bar and Summer Experiment's Jay Moir; The OX Not Only OX's Ngo Thanh Hoa; Quince Saigon's Julien Perraudin; Le Corto and P'ti Saigon's Sakal Phoeung; Anan Saigon and NHAU NHAU's Peter Cuong Franklin; TUNG Dining's Hoang Tung; Master Chef Jack Lee; Chill Skybar and VIGOR - Dining Club Saigon's Emilio Moscati; Ivoire's Kasey Doan; and Maison Marou Saigon's Stephanie Aubriot.

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