VBF Joint Letter to the Government

On 11th of January 2022 EuroCham Vietnam sent a letter to the Prime Minister,  requesting for adjustment of regulations adapting new context of COVID-19 pandemic. Accordingly, EuroCham has advocated three main issues:

  • Simplification of administrative procedures on entry permit;
  • Revision of criteria for assessing epidemic levels; and
  • Re-opening schools

In particular, EuroCham requested the simplification of administrative procedures for people with work/residence permit and their families upon coming back to Vietnam if they are full vaccinated. Regarding revision of criteria for assessing epidemic levels, EuroCham shared the view of the leaders of the Government and the MOH that the criteria for assessing the number of new infections per 100,000 people a week is no longer applicable. The current effective approach is to focus on the rates of severe patients, hospitalizations, deaths, and treatment response of localities to assess the epidemic. On re-opening schools matter, EuroCham has urged for a concrete plan to reopen schools country-wide by after Tet holiday for all types of education the latest.

Separately, VBF also sent the letter to the Prime Minister on 12 January 2022 on behalf of all foreign business association urging the Government to:

  • Announce a time table for opening up and increasing commercial flights to and from overseas destinations that are important to business and tourism without restrictions;
  • That Vietnamese are immediately offered the opportunity to return to Vietnam on all commercial flights;
  • That there is a firm commitment with dates (May 1st, 2022 as per recommendation of VBF) for the re-opening of tourism lifting all restrictions imposed over the last two years for citizens, foreigners and businesses so that planning and marketing can be implemented.


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