The INOV Contacto programme – International Internships for Young Graduates – supports the training of young professionals with high qualifications in an international environment.

The internships are 100% financed by the Portuguese Government (Agency for Foreign Trade and Investment of Portugal – AICEP) with no income or benefits-related costs to the host company.

The programme is open to companies based in Vietnam who would be interested in hiring a Portuguese young graduate as an intern for 6 to 9-months. The backgrounds of the graduates are diverse, from business management to engineering, from marketing and communications to hospitality.

The INOV Contacto is one of the most competitive public sector-supported internship programmes in Portugal. Having started 22 years ago, it has put more than 5000 interns through valuable professional training in more than 80 countries, equipping young graduates with unique experiences which greatly enriched both their career prospects and personal growth. 

INOV Contacto's selection procedure is highly demanding, with candidates undergoing a 3-stage process. Only candidates of the highest calibre that pass the selection stages and clearly meet the stated requirements by applicant companies are offered a traineeship. 

Selected candidates receive a monthly stipend, as well as insurance coverage and return flights to the destination of their traineeship programme. 
This is a remarkable opportunity for companies, as they can count on highly qualified young professionals with a keen interest in developing an international career and eager to place their education, training and knowledge at the service of companies and organisations abroad. 
For detailed information about the INOV Contacto programme please consult the official website

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