On the 30th June 2017, in HCMC – EuroCham and its Information Communication Technology Sector Committee (ICTSC) organised the half day conference Cyber security, Internet of Things, and Connected Services towards a Smart city. The event attracted more than 100 participants include the participation of representatives from the HCMC Information and Communications Department, Director of the Binh Duong Smart City Office, and the VINASA Science and Technology Institute, guests speakers from Edenred, Palo Alto Networks, Robert Bosch and joining an audience of business professionals and members of the media.

Through various presentations at the conference and a dedicated exhibition, EuroCham and its ICTSC aimed to share with Ho Chi Minh City’s authorities the European experiences in creating smart cities, showcasing solutions implemented in various cities in Europe, and presenting best practices that have achieved successful results. The event was also dedicating to the key challenges faced by Ho Chi Minh City in the path towards becoming a smart city itself, and how these challenges can be overcome.

A booth of Palo Alto Networks 

A booth of Bosch

Mr. Le Quoc Cuong, Deputy Director of HCMC Information and Communications Department visiting Exhibition Bosch's smart technology

A booth of Edenred 

In order to grasp opportunities in the context of the “fourth industrial revolution” and address various socioeconomic issues, the Vietnamese government has recently begun employing numerous efforts to encourage its municipalities in taking action towards becoming smart cities. Actions and initiatives have been taken to shed more light on several information and communication technology breakthroughs which are central to this shift. These include Internet of Things, Data Flow, Connected Services, e-Government, autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, robotics, among others.

Panel Discussion – From Left:
Dr. Nguyen Viet Hai, Vice Director of VINASA Science and Technology Institute, General Director of eDT
Mr. Guru Mallikarjuna, Vice Chairman of EuroCham’s Information & Communication Technology Sector Committee & Managing Director of Bosch 
Dr. Viet-Long Nguyen, Director of the Binh Duong Smart City Office
Mr. Le Quoc Cuong, Deputy Director of HCMC Information and Communications Department
Dr. Ha Thuc Vien (Moderator), Acting President of VGU 
Mr. Thomas Beurthey, CEO, Edenred
Mr. Philip Hung Cao, Security Solutions Consultant, Palo Alto Networks

A key message was pointed out from the discussion panel: creating a Smart City is not only about applying new technologies or bring about paper-free Government but it is foremost important to set up main conditions to be fulfilled.  With this conference, EuroCham aimed to contribute to this effort by organising an event where the Government and other interested parties could hear directly from key experts regarding the Smart Cities topic. The agenda sought to focus on smart solutions for the development, governance and innovation needed in Ho Chi Minh City. The event also approached the topic in the perspective of a necessary improvement of the business environment, which may allow for needed products and services to thrive in the Vietnamese market and foster greater knowledge transfer.

After this first event of EuroCham Smart City Series in 2017, next ones will be dedicated to Green Growth and Transportation challenges of the City. EuroCham will continue follow up with the City’s authorities and experts to contribute to the implementation of the Smart City project to be approved in July 2017. We welcome all ideas and initiatives from Government, research and development centers, universities and industries to join our hands to build a better, smarter and worth living Ho Chi Minh City

Amanuel Flobbe, EuroCham ICT SC Chairman said: “EuroCham is very enthusiastic that Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has instructed that the larger cities of Vietnam and their authorities should take action towards becoming Smart Cities. This statement shows again that Vietnam is willing to step up and challenge itself. As the EuroCham ICT Sector Committee we stand with our organisation to support where needed. Our expertise and experience cuts across many fields, and this know-how is a necessary one to achieve the technological shift necessary to build, change and reform Vietnam's cities. We hope that local partners, Government and authorities consider this support as a useful resource for the desired development for Vietnam. We are focused not only on the end result but also on the strategy and implementation of the cities and industries, as well as transferring knowledge and training. By bringing different experts from different levels and occupations, European companies and EuroCham members, building on their long-term experience and proven results over decades of Smart City implementation, can help address challenges and complexities in Vietnam, working together and sharing best practices.”

Quang-Hue Vo, Vice Chairman- EuroCham Vietnam said: ““The Smart Cities topic is one of great importance for EuroCham Vietnam’s action. After successful events dedicated to Smart Cities, we are proud to have been able to organise such an enriching conference. EuroCham believes its members have a lot to offer to Vietnam’s sustainable development. The relevant know-how developed and tested in Europe and all over the world needs no introduction and we are very keen in promoting the contact of relevant companies with the Vietnamese Government towards business opportunities that can produce concrete results towards a smart future for Vietnam’s cities. At EuroCham, we have members operating and offering solutions virtually in every field that is relevant to the shift into a smart city. Moreover, European enterprises typically add value to the creation of business models regarding technology and knowledge, as well as ongoing training to local workforce. We look forward to continue to work with Vietnam’s authorities and proceed with both engaging in productive dialogue and presenting concrete solutions that can contribute to the country’s advancement.”

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