On 30 August, EuroCham in collaboration with Department of Customs of Ho Chi Minh City (DoC) and Vietnam Business Forum organised the dialogue which was entitled: “European Business Community and Customs Agencies are reliable partners for development"
The conference gathered almost 200 participants, majority was businesses along with representatives from EuroCham (Chairman Jens Ruebbert, Board Member Maren Maischen, Executive Director Almut Roessner, Chair of Transportation and Logistics Sector Committee George Berczely) and Department of Customs of Ho Chi Minh City (Deputy General Director of General Department of Customs Hoàng Việt Cường, Deputy Director of Department of Customs Ho Chi Minh City Đinh Ngọc Thắng, Deputy Director of Export – Import Tax Nguyễn Quốc Toản, Deputy Director of Post-Customs Clearance Inspection Department Phan Ngọc Mai Liêm and other leaders of DoC HCMC and relevant Agencies). 

EuroCham Chairman Jens Ruebbert delivered opening remarks appreciating the support from DoC HCMC to organise the event. He said: “It provides a platform for the Customs Authorities to clearly explain the principles and regulations governing customs valuation, to discuss the Custom Valuation and other Sectoral issues; but most of all to have the opportunity to create a stronger bond between European business community and Customs authorities.”


There were 48 questions (17 pre-submitted and 31 onsite) which addressed by relevant leaders of DoC HCMC. Most of the questions were about Customs re-valuation while the rest was about other various Customs procedures. The DoC also will combine all questions and respond, publish in writing as the basis for companies to work with other agencies in the future. Seeing the huge demand of companies on the revaluation topic, the DoC has kindly suggested that EuroCham and DoC HCMC should collaborate again to organise a training on Customs Valuation for Member businesses in September 2017.

In the closing remarks by Mr. Hoàng Việt Cường, Deputy Director of DoC HCMC summarised the important discussion points throughout the dialogue. He shares concerns of European business community on Customs Valuation which were basically due to lack of detail guidance and coordination between customs agencies and businesses. Enterprises are encouraged to utilise all of the channels to convey their difficulties and their concerns. Please find the summary of Mr.Hoang Viet Cuong HERE (Vietnamese Only)
For Feedbacks from HCMC DOC on questions raised by businesses, please find HERE
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