The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam is a national organisation which gathers and represents the business community, the use of labor and business associations in Vietnam aims to develop, protect and support enterprises, contributing to economic development – economic development of the country, promoting the economic cooperation, trade and science – technology between Vietnam and other countries on the basis of equality and mutual benefit. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam is independent, nongovernmental, nonprofit, has a legal personality and financial autonomy.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam has the following functions:

  1. Representatives to promote and protect the legal rights, legitimate business community and users in Vietnam in the labor relations in the country;
  2. To promote business development, entrepreneurship, the link between businesses, business associations, promote and support trade and investment, cooperation in science – technology and operations other business enterprises in Vietnam and abroad.


Established following a Vietnam Consultative Group meeting between the Vietnamese Government and its donor partners in Tokyo in 1997, the Vietnam Business Forum is one of the first public-private dialogue projects implemented by the IFC and the World Bank. It is also among the most successful so far. For more than a decade, the Forum has established regular channels of communication between companies and the Government and is widely recognized for contributing to reforms that have improved firm's operating environment in Vietnam.

The VBF’s Management Board is well represented by six representatives from the Consortium's members (American Chamber of Commerce, European Chamber of Commerce, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Japan Business Association in Vietnam, Korea Chamber of Business in Vietnam, and International Finance Corporation) with the main function of managing and monitoring the overall Forum in terms of strategic development and daily operations. The Management Board is led by two co-chairmen representing local and foreign business community.

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