Trade Issues

We take very seriously our position as one of only a few foreign business associations in Vietnam recognized by Vietnamese, European and other authorities as a powerful and effective lobbying and advocacy tool for the business community in the country. Recognizing the need to present a united voice on behalf of business in the country in a consistent and coherent manner, identification and engagement of trade issues form an integral part of our work in Vietnam.

It is our members who alert us to specific issues inhibiting their trade and investment operations, often through our Sector Committee meetings and activities. Once we have collected the views of our members and formed a consensus on possible remedies, we then set about lobbying the relevant authorities, alerting them to the issue(s) and suggesting possible and plausible solutions.

We regularly present the most important issues at the bi-annual Vietnam Business Forum (VBF) to reach a wider audience, including key decision makers from local, national, foreign and regional authorities, heads of diplomatic missions, leading figures in local and foreign business and fellow business associations. In return, we are often consulted by national and foreign authorities for input on proposed trade and investment policy.

Alongside specific sectoral issues, a number of common themes run through our lobbying and advocacy. These include promoting and advocating greater transparency and the free flow of information, ethical and responsible business practices, and free and fair trade.

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