EuroCham’s Construction Sector Committee (Construction SC) recently organized an enlightening event, the HCMC Breakfast Talk: Designing with AI, on December 7, 2023. This engaging session brought together four distinguished speakers to explore the integration of AI in construction architecture, engineering, design, and development.

Expert discussions revolved around AI’s transformative influence on engineering and construction design, spotlighting its potential and impact on future industry prospects. Key obstacles hindering full AI integration were explored, emphasizing issues such as cost barriers and the imperative need for upskilling the workforce. Strategies for success in an AI-centric work environment were highlighted, stressing continuous learning and adaptability. Moreover, anticipated organizational shifts were forecasted, focusing on changes in job roles and the augmentation of human capabilities by AI rather than complete replacement. 

The Breakfast Talk aimed to provide a comprehensive understanding of AI’s role in these industries, offering practical insights and strategies to navigate the evolving landscape of AI integration.

We extend our sincere thanks to our esteemed speakers: Mr. Michel Cassagnes for the opening remarks and Mr. Kiem Nguyen for the keynote presentation and live AI demo, as well as our panelists: Mr. Freek Jansen, Mr. Andy Han, and Mr. Michael MiAndrzejczyk, for their valuable contributions.

Another Breakfast Talk on Designing with AI will soon take place in Hanoi. Don’t miss this chance to join us for an informative discussion. Register at Event Link.


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