As the implementation of the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) is underway, a shift in the car and motorcycle industry is happening, marked by an increase in EU imports into Vietnam. Seeing this trend, automotive companies within EuroCham Vietnam have joined forces under the umbrella of the Mobility Sector Committee (SC).

With the participation of European companies, passenger cars, commercial vehicles, motorbikes, completely knocked down (CKD) assemblers and completely built-up (CBU) importers, as well as parts and equipment producers and suppliers, the Mobility SC meets monthly to discuss, analyze and make recommendations on topics such as rules and mechanisms for free trade, clean and sustainable electric vehicle (EV) mobility, technical regulations and homologation, road safety and general improvement in Vietnam’s automotive-related connectivity. 

Throughout 2023, the Mobility SC’s advocacy has focused on:

  • Homologation requirements for automotive CKD, CBU and parts: In particular, accelerating the signing of the 1958 United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Agreement (UNECE) to implement Annex 2B under the EVFTA. 
  • Green growth action plan: Promoting the transition to EVs.
  • Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR): Following the issuance of Decree 08/2022/ND-CP, the program to implement EPR across sectors, including the mobility industry within Vietnam . would enforce compliance with recycling norms for automotive and motorcycle-related discarded products and enhance environmental responsibility. The Mobility SC proposes deferring the timeline for implementing EPR for batteries in battery electric vehicles (BEVs) with a lower recycling cost norm to promote the development of e-vehicles. This aligns with the main objectives of Decision 876 of the Prime Minister, which aims to develop a green transportation system toward the goal of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.
  • Tax and customs policies: Addressing tax and customs regulations to facilitate the shift towards electric motorcycles by 2050.
  • Welcome new members: Expanding the SC by incorporating new members to strengthen collective impact and reach.


These are some of the Mobility SC’s 2023 achievements:

  • Commented on the Decree on Regulating Inspection and Certification of Technical Safety Quality and Environmental Protection for Imported Cars and Components, in accordance with international FTAs. Decree 60/2023/ND-CP, published in August 2023, has addressed advocacy points the Mobility SC raised in advocacy letters in 2022 regarding homologation for imported vehicles and parts and resolved technical recall issues for imported vehicles. 
  • Monitoring and advocacy of EVs, standards and charging infrastructure development in Vietnam.
  • Knowledge-sharing with EuroCham Philippines about the EV industry in Vietnam.
  • Contributed the Mobility SC section in the 15th edition of EuroCham’s annual Whitebook edition, which includes recommendations for current regulations regarding the automobile and motorcycle industry.
  • Leveraged workshops and meetings to highlight EuroCham’s advocacy points and insights regarding the mobility industry, thereby fostering a deeper understanding of the industry trends among the stakeholders.


Want to join our Mobility Sector Committee? 

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