In the context of the global economic slowdown and the corresponding impacts to the Vietnamese market, employers are now facing questions on how to reduce operational costs whilst maintaining or even boosting business performance in order to navigate current market uncertainties. As labor costs are a large part of a company’s expenses, a number of these difficult questions are often centered around managing labor relations and harmonizing the interests of employers and employees.

During times of market turbulence, employees are often compelled to take measures to secure their job security and financial stability. Thus, employee claims or disputes in response to cost-cutting measures imposed by employers have been seen to increase. These respective factors, if not carefully managed by employers, can propel disagreements and complaints into official disputes and lawsuits, or even strikes. Further, after significant waves of restructuring and redundancies over the course of 2022 (particularly in the manufacturing sector), there has also been a rise in terminated employees initiating illegal termination lawsuits against former employers. These ramifications are set to continue into 2023 as Vietnamese law allows employees to claim against former employers for up to one year after termination dates. Thus, companies that implemented redundancies and terminations in 2022 should be aware of and prepared for potential court proceedings and labor lawsuits in the coming months.

In this webinar organized by EuroCham, our experts in Employment Law will provide an analysis of typical types of labor disputes and employee claims, and the related legal and court proceedings, as well as practical tips on how to approach and handle such claims.

Key talking points:

  • Classification of labor disputes
  • Individual labor dispute proceedings in courts
  • Employees’ typical claims

Details of the event:

  • Date & time: 10th May 2023, 2pm – 3:30pm.
  • Platform: Zoom
  • Fee: EuroCham members: 200,000VND/pax | Non-members: 500,000VND/pax
  • Contact: Ms. Khanh at for more information.
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