EuroCham’s 15th Whitebook was unveiled at a gathering in Hanoi of business and policy leaders. Over 400 attendees were there, both physically and virtually, fostering a successful, dynamic dialogue between our members and government decision-makers.



The Whitebook is a rich resource comprising 24 chapters, each dedicated to exploring a specific sector of the Vietnamese economy. These chapters are expertly curated by our Sector Committees, made up of industry insiders who know their industries inside and out. 

Far more than a mere collection of studies, the Whitebook is a pragmatic guide. It offers practical, real-world solutions to the challenges confronting European companies in Vietnam, while also providing invaluable guidance to both policymakers and business leaders as they navigate the regulatory landscape and the path to growth.


Access the Whitebook and launch event resources


We invite you to explore this resource, not only to enrich your understanding of the current economic landscape but also to gain actionable insights that can drive your business strategies. Access the Vietnamese edition here and the English version here


More pictures from the launch event can be found here, and the entire press kit can be found here


Whitebook launch contributors and attendees 


The launch was co-organized by the Prime Minister’s Administrative Procedures Reform Special Task Force and the Prime Minister’s Advisory Council on Administrative Procedures Reform. It was sponsored by Equinor, Croplife Vietnam, the EuroCham Nutritional Foods Group Sector Committee, the EuroCham Pharma Group, the EuroCham International Quality Medicines – Generic & Biosimilar Sector Committee (IQMED), and Medochemie.


Among the attendees were:

  • Mr. Nguyen Ba Hoan, Vice Minister of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs; 
  • Mr. Tran Quy Kien, Vice Minister of Natural Resources and Environment; 
  • Dr. Ngo Hai Phan, Director General of the Administrative Procedure Control Agency of the Office of the Government; and
  • European Union Ambassador to Vietnam Julien Guerrier


These guests joined representatives from various Vietnamese ministries, provincial People’s Committees, and departments, as well as members of the European diplomatic corps.


EuroCham’s 19 Sector Committees played a leading role, presenting key issues and facilitating constructive dialogues with Vietnamese government representatives. Topics ranged from healthcare innovation to sustainable economic development and enhancing Vietnam’s position in global innovation and investment landscapes.


For detailed insights into the contributions of each Sector Committee, visit our press kit to access their speeches and presentations.


Expanding Europe-Vietnam trade and investment horizons


At the event, Ambassador Guerrier commended EuroCham’s commitment to the Whitebook as a consistent source of policy recommendations that benefit both European and Vietnamese businesses. Considering the expanding import and export activities, he expressed optimism about Europe-Vietnam trade. With Vietnam ranking among Europe’s top 16 global trading partners and Europe’s significance to Vietnam, Europe-Vietnam cooperation offers ample business opportunities for both sides, underscoring the Whitebook’s role.




EuroCham Chairman Gabor Fluit encapsulated the event’s essence, emphasizing EuroCham’s dedication to fostering open dialogue among all stakeholders. He expressed strong belief in Vietnam’s ability to steer its growth and development, pledging support and collaboration on this journey, while championing the power of collaboration and innovation.






Driving sustainable growth: EuroCham’s Green Economy Forum & Exhibition (GEF) 2024


Chairman Fluit also unveiled exciting details about the forthcoming EuroCham Green Economy Forum & Exhibition (GEFE) 2024, scheduled from October 21 to 23 at Ho Chi Minh City’s Thiskyhall. He highlighted GEFE’s expansion in scale and impact, aiming to bring leaders from various sectors and governments together for three days of dialogue, conference sessions, and an exhibition. 


He said, “To everyone present here, your participation is not just welcomed, it’s essential. We invite everyone to engage with us, to discuss how we can collaborate and make GEFE 2024 a platform where Vietnam’s vision for sustainable development and innovation becomes a showcase to the world.”


Click here to read his full speech.


Strides in administrative reform: a collective commitment


Deputy Minister Nguyen Ba Hoan, emphasized the Vietnamese government’s dedication to modernizing and reforming administrative processes through the gradual digitization of records and paperwork. This transformation seeks to alleviate costs and streamline procedures for both citizens and businesses, with the overarching objective of establishing an efficient, digital-centric administrative system. He also urged businesses to proactively engage with relevant authorities in shaping future regulations and administrative procedures.





Mr. Ngo Hai Phan outlined notable strides in administrative reform, underscoring the Prime Minister’s decisive move in August 2023 to establish the Administrative Procedures Reform Working Group, led by Deputy Prime Minister Tran Luu Quang, operating under the minister and chairman of the Government Office’s guidance. This Working Group has been tasked with guiding ministries, branches, and local authorities in the implementation of administrative procedure reform, enhancing discipline and efficiency, and swiftly addressing bottlenecks. It is also responsible for managing feedback and recommendations pertaining to policies, mechanisms, and administrative procedures hindering business activities and daily life.


Government officials’ receptive participation highlighted a shared dedication to policy advancement and improving Vietnam’s business environment.


EuroCham’s vision: strengthening EU-Vietnam Economic ties


EuroCham is confident in the Whitebook’s potential impact. By addressing the issues and hurdles highlighted in the document, EuroCham believes it will greatly support the effective implementation of the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) and help bring about the full ratification of the EU-Vietnam Investment Protection Agreement (EVIPA). This effort is crucial for strengthening the economic relationship between Vietnam and the European Union in a way that benefits both sides.


Thanks to our sponsors


Thanks once again to Equinor, Croplife Vietnamthe EuroCham Nutritional Foods Group Sector Committeethe EuroCham Pharma Groupthe EuroCham International Quality Medicines – Generic & Biosimilar Sector Committee (IQMED), and Medochemie for sponsoring this successful event!

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