On 20th of October 2016, EuroCham held the 2nd “Meet the Media” at its office in Ho Chi Minh City. Journalist and reporter from a wide range of major Media/News agencies were gathered and provided with an actionable status of EuroCham today, hearing it first-hand from its Chairman Michael Behrens – beyond websites, press-releases and write-ups. 

In his welcome remark, Chairman Michael Behrens addressed: “Before a business leader, I was a journalist myself. Therefore, EuroCham understands and respects the journalistic profession. We place great effort on press relations by setting close and transparent relationship with journalists. I believe this distinguishes us from other Chambers.”

Chairman Michael Behrens also introduced a number of small victories resulted from EuroCham’s efforts, namely:

Visa Exemption for 5 EU Nationalities Extended to June 2017 (Resolution No. 56/NQ-CP on visa waiver programmes for citizens coming from number of countries in Europe)

The FILM Project that our Pharma Group is working on, in dialogue with Government and various stakeholders on a roadmap towards transforming Vietnam into a platform for pharmaceutical innovation

Identification of new business areas reflected in Sector Committees, the most recent one grabbing a completely new trend in Vietnam, International Quality Generics (IQGx).

He said: “We proud to have now 16 Sector Committees and we look forward to continue representing our community as widely and deeply as possible. Our action is reflected yearly in our Whitebook, which compiles the industries’ recommendations to the Vietnamese Government. This year’s is still available, and the its 9th Edition, for 2017, is currently in production”.
Joaquim Torrinha, Marketing and Communications Manager presented results of Business Climate Index quarter 2 2016, featuring highlights:

Index was 86, meaning an increased satisfaction rate, 10 points up from last quarter.

In all main indicators EuroCham member manifested very positive expectations towards Vietnam

72% are very happy with how things are and none described the current state of things as “very poor”.

0% of very disappointed people and even in life we don’t get that a lot.

Almost 90% of the respondents are expecting good things to come for their business in Vietnam

Half of the businesses in the survey said they will hire more workers in the next quarter, only 3% may fire people.

1% said they would slow down investment in Vietnam


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