On 25 September 2017, the Vice Chair of the Eurocham HR and Training Committee Mr. Khuat Van Trung joined spoke at the event "Work with Pride", organised by ICS, with the support of the Irish Embassy, Amcham, and PwC, among other organisations. The event was dedicated to discussing Equality for LGBTIQ employees at the workplace.

Mr. Trung had the opportunity to express EuroCham's positions at the event, addressing also some ideas on how to effectively implement LGBTIQ-inclusive policies in the workplace. He responded to many relevant questions from the audience, as for instance how should LGBTIQ fresh graduates approach job applications for companies that have not implemented inclusive policies, or how to raise further awareness on these crucial issues. 

Vice Chair of the Eurocham HR and Training Committee Mr. Khuat Van Trung speaking at Work with Pride 

The "Work with Pride" forum was one of the most important events of the VietPride 2017 programme, hosted by ICS, with the purpose of raising social awareness on LGBTIQ’s rights at workplace. Many representatives from NGOs, international organisations, foreign embassies and consulates, foreign chambers of commerce, MNCs, and LGBT activists participated in this event.

The event also had the presence of the Ambassador of Ireland to Vietnam H.E. Cáit Moran who also shared how Ireland has been furthering LGBTIQ inclusiveness in Ireland.

The Work with Pride panelists' "family photo"  

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