The Vietnam – EU Business Forum (VEUBF) was established by EuroCham and the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) in May 2006 following a decree by then Prime Minister Phan Van Khai to provide an elevated platform for dialogue regarding trade issues between the EU and Vietnam.

The VEUBF provides an opportunity for Vietnamese and European businesses and business organizations to deliberate Government-related policies on business, allows for EU-Vietnam trade and investment issues to be discussed, and for the dissemination of information on areas of concern to both the domestic and international private sector in Vietnam.

The joint secretariat of the VEUBF generates activities including trade missions, seminars, surveys and workshops. The VEUBF also convenes three Working Groups, on Corporate Governance, Trade and Investment, and Labour and Social Issues. The Working Groups enable both European and Vietnamese business sectors enhanced business co-operation and integration, exchange of best practice and know-how, and further business linkages between both parties.

Both EuroCham and VCCI members are automatically eligible for VEUBF benefits and services.

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Download the VEUBF Corporate Governance Handbook:

English version

Vietnamese version

Download the presentations of the VEUBF seminar on Corporate Governance, 8 July 2008

Corporate Governance – Dragon Capital_08.07.08

Corporate Governance – Ernst & Young _08.07.08

Corporate Governance – HSBC_08.07.08

Corporate Governance – Unilever_08.07.08

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