27 July 2016, at the meeting between VBF and the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) EuroCham was represented by Chairman Michael Behrens, who together with the VBF Consortium members presented their congratulations to the new Minister of Planning & Investment Mr. Nguyen Chi Dung for his appointment. The Meeting continued with a focus on VBF’s structure, operations and plans ahead of the VBF 2016 Conference. This is of great importance to EuroCham, as Mr. Behrens had already expressed EuroCham’s wishes to collaborate more closely with and within VBF. Among the outcomes of this session was an agreement for an upcoming meeting between VBF and the Government in November, and baseline ideas on how to explore possible new ways to structure the organisation’s annual flagship event.   
EuroCham is a Consortium member of Vietnam Business Forum (VBF), a platform set up by the Vietnamese Government in 1997 to encourage public-private dialogue to develop a favourable business environment that can attracts domestic and foreign private sector investment and stimulate sustainable economic development in Vietnam. 

VBF’s work is delivered primarily through high profile bi-annual Forums between the business community and the Vietnamese leadership, and through specialized Working Groups cutting across sectors. EuroCham participates in VBF’s Management Board Meetings, being represented by Vice-Chair Tommaso Andreatta.

This session was attended by representatives from EuroCham, the World Bank, the Korea Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam, the Japan Business Association in Vietnam, the American Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam, British Business Group in Vietnam, International Finance Corporation and the VBF Secretariat.

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