On 16th February, EuroCham Co-Chairman Denis Brunetti attended and spoke at the "Tourism development in Central region and Highlands" organised in Hue City. Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc attended and chaired the conference. Over 700 delegates from organizations, enterprise associations, enterprises, domestic and foreign investors, international organizations and agencies in Vietnam, Central and local press agencies also attended the event.

Speaking at the conference seeking solutions for the development of regional tourism, Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc urged 19 provinces in this region to work harder for a common plan to boost the growth of tourism. “Tourism [in the region] has seen a slow pace of progresses in both service type and service quality. Operations of the sector have shown weaknesses in professionalism and the mindset of service,” the PM said.

The PM wanted authorities of the 19 provinces to work closely to finalise a plan for common development of the region’s tourism by focusing on five common questions. They were: How to get more visitors to Việt Nam; How to make tourists stay longer in the country; How to get them to spend more on local services; How to leave a good impression on tourists; and How to get visitors to return.

During his speech, the PM also mentioned the cooperation and contribution from the European business community in the socio-economic development of Vietnam. He hopes that such cooperation would continue to be strengthened in the future, especially when enabling a smart economy by utilizing Industry 4.0 revolution is the core plan of Vietnam. 

Co-Chairman Denis Brunetti emphasized in his speech the neccessity to move towards industry 4.0 enabled by secure and trusted 5G to develop a smart economy. Industry 4.0 would enable the country to build "Smart City" and to implement "Smart Tourism". He pointed out that this is also the trend of European businesses and therefore, localities are urged to study and seek for appropriate development solutions.

European businesses are committed to continuing the long-term investment towards the development of Vietnam, especially the Central region and Highlands. EuroCham and its members look forward to having continuous dialogues with Vietnamese authorities to share international experiences and best practices for Vietnam to be ready for the 4.0 industrial revolution.

Co-Chairman Denis Brunetti handed the Study on 5G in to PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc

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