On 24 January, EuroCham Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh City officials, including People’s Committee Chairman Phan Van Mai and Vice-Chairman Vo Van Hoan, convened to discuss sustainable development strategies

HCMC’s delegation included officials from the Investment and Trade Promotion Center (ITPC), Department of Science & Technology, Department of External Relations, and the Department of Finance and Investment. 




Representing EuroCham were:

  • Marieke Van Der Pijl, Secretary General; 
  • Javier Mendez Repiso, Board Member and Chairman of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam;  
  • Bao Nguyen, Vice-Chairman of the Green Growth Sector Committee; 
  • Rebecca Bauden, GEFE Project Manager and Head of MarCom; 
  • Diep Truong, Advocacy Manager; and
  • Ngoc Anh Pham, Coordinator of the Green Growth Sector Committee.


Ms. Van Der Pijl commended Ho Chi Minh City’s economic resilience and its commitment to sustainable development, citing Resolution 98’s influence on investment and urban management. She also acknowledged issues our members are facing in terms of contributing to the city’s implementation of Resolution 98. 


Ms. Van Der Pijl highlighted EuroCham’s support for sustainability initiatives through our recently published Whitebook and our upcoming Green Economy Forum & Exhibition (GEFE) 2024, set for 21 to 23 October in Ho Chi Minh City. She extended an invitation to the city government to actively participate in organizing the event, emphasizing the importance of their involvement


Mr. Mendez Repiso highlighted GEFE 2024’s role as a platform for addressing environmental and economic challenges, urging city officials’ active participation for innovative solutions.


Mr. Bao emphasized the critical water issues in Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta, advocating for a comprehensive water management strategy. 


As Vice-Chairman Hoan pointed out, the HCMC People’s Committee is interested in proactively collaborating with EuroCham Vietnam to comprehend the challenges associated with implementing ESG practices and establishing a carbon credit market. He is particularly interested in receiving recommendations from EuroCham Vietnam  to enhance city governance as well. He also encourages EuroCham to aid the city in establishing a carbon credit market, starting with organizing educational workshops.


In preparation for GEFE 2024, he said the HCMC People’s Committee and relevant departments plan to actively participate, with the Department of Science & Technology as the main contact for new innovations and technologies presented at the forum.


To support EuroCham members, the Investment and Trade Promotion Centre will serve as the primary contact for operational challenges. Regular meetings between the HCMC People’s Committee and EuroCham will also be scheduled to ensure ongoing collaboration. On top of that, the HCMC Development Research Institute will consult with EuroCham on a green development policy for the city, aiming towards 2030 with a vision extending to 2050.

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