In a concerted effort to address critical challenges in drug registration and enhance the healthcare landscape, EuroCham’s International Quality Medicines – Generic & Biosimilar Sector Committee (IQMED-G&B) joined forces with the Vietnam Drug Administration to organize a pivotal scientific workshop. Titled “Evaluation of Clinical, Bioequivalence, and Biosimilar Dossiers in Drug Registration,” this event convened in Hanoi on 24 to 25 November, gathering notable officers, experts, and representatives from diverse institutes and universities.

The two-day workshop served as a platform for robust discussions, analysis, and evaluation of prevalent challenges faced in practical drug registration processes. Participants engaged in insightful exchanges, leveraging experiences in management from various countries to shed light on potential solutions.

Magdalena Krakowiak, Vice-Chairwoman of the IQMED-G&B Sector Committee, emphasized the pivotal role of overcoming barriers in drug registration and evolving pharmaceutical legislation. She highlighted the positive impact these initiatives could yield, ultimately benefiting Vietnamese patients by ensuring access to a broader spectrum of high-quality products for superior treatment outcomes.

“By learning from the experience of other countries, Vietnam is strongly going toward harmonization, thereby increasingly perfecting an effective and harmonious legal system. IQMED-G&B expects continuous collaboration with the Drug Administration and the Ministry of Health for the development of an advanced healthcare system in Vietnam,” she added. 

The collaboration between IQMED-G&B and the Vietnam Drug Administration stands as a testament to the concerted efforts undertaken by industry stakeholders, reflecting a shared vision for the advancement of the healthcare domain in Vietnam. Through continuous dialogue and collaboration, these efforts aim to pave the way for a robust and progressive healthcare ecosystem that caters to the evolving needs of the populace.



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