As Vietnam’s economy continues to grow, a strong network of transportation and logistics is essential for the country’s development. Recognising this, EuroCham’s Transport and Logistics Sector Committee (TLSC) advocates for transforming Vietnam’s transport and logistics sector into a more efficient, sustainable, and globally competitive industry. 

TLSC’s advocacy efforts are focused on three main objectives:

  • Infrastructure Development: Advocating for the improvement and expansion of Vietnam’s roads, ports, and airports to enhance the country’s logistics capabilities.
  • Customs Procedures: Streamlining customs procedures and practices, particularly on-spot import/export processes, to boost efficiency and reduce bottlenecks. As the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) introduces the Registered Exporter (REX) system, the committee ensures a seamless transition maximising bilateral trade benefits.
  • Sustainability: Promoting sustainability within the industry by advocating for more efficient fuel and energy usage through eco-friendly practices and innovative solutions.

TLSC’s strength lies in its 29 members’ diverse expertise across logistics service providers, freight forwarders, port operators, and shipping lines. This breadth ensures a full understanding of sector intricacies to address challenges comprehensively.


Regular communication and workshops with provincial Customs Departments in Hanoi, Haiphong, Vung Tau, and Ho Chi Minh City showcase the TLSC’s effective advocacy engagement. With an upcoming Customs Dialogue with Ho Chi Minh City Customs, the TLSC actively engages government stakeholders to drive positive change and address industry challenges. Open dialogue fosters knowledge-sharing, contributing to informed policymaking benefiting businesses and Vietnam.


As a regional economic force, Vietnam’s competitiveness and sustained success within Southeast Asia will significantly depend on developing world-class transportation and logistics capabilities. Join EuroCham TLSC’s efforts to support the nation’s economic ambitions and reinforce its position as an attractive investment destination within the region.

Want to learn about our activities and join? Contact EuroCham Sector Committee Coordinator Mr. Khoa Nguyen at

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