The Women in Business Sector Committee (SC) comprises organizations and individuals dedicated to advancing gender equality in the workplace and business organizations. Our goal is to collaborate with stakeholders, including individuals, businesses, and the public sector, to address member-raised issues. Our duties include engaging with the Vietnamese government and stakeholders on women’s workplace concerns, contributing to EuroCham publications, organizing networking events, seminars, and training sessions, sharing best practices, fostering diversity, and initiating mentorship programs to promote women in leadership.


Throughout 2023, the Women in Business SC’s advocacy has focused on:


Throughout 2023, the Women in Business SC has been dedicated to advocating for gender equality and empowerment through several key initiatives. Firstly, the organization has proposed to the authorities the implementation of female-friendly policies in workplaces by proposing clear and tangible incentives for employers. Additionally, we have advocated for the extension of paternity leave for men, emphasizing the importance of at least one month of leave to support gender balance in caregiving responsibilities. Moreover, our members have actively encouraged women and girls to pursue careers in innovation and tech industries, aiming to break down barriers and promote gender diversity in traditionally male-dominated fields.


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These are some of the Women in Business  SC’s 2023 activities and achievements:


In terms of achievements and activities in 2023, the Women in Business SC has conducted monthly roundtable discussions featuring valuable speakers and insights on various pertinent topics. These discussions have covered issues such as navigating Glass ceilings in the era of technological advancements, addressing the Gender wage gap, exploring the dynamics of the Migrant workforce, and tackling Sexual harassment in the workplace. Furthermore, the organization has organized workshops and training sessions, including events like the Business Luncheon in October 2023, which highlighted women’s contributions to STEM fields and their role in Vietnam’s transition to a digital economy. 


Advocacy efforts have also yielded positive outcomes, with the organization receiving favorable feedback from the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA) regarding tax reductions for gender-friendly enterprises. However, challenges remain, as officials have suggested that closing the gender wage pay gap is primarily the responsibility of private companies rather than the government, indicating the need for continued advocacy and engagement with relevant stakeholders.


Women in Business SC 2024 Plan 


Join us for a transformative event co-organized by BeluxCham, EuroCham, HAWEE, and Nordcham. We’re coming together to champion Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) in various sectors, fostering empowerment and equality for women. Expect engaging discussions, actionable insights, and collaborative strategies aimed at driving real change. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a movement that celebrates diversity and empowers women across industries. 


Date: 27 March 2024 

Location: Hilton Saigon Hotel 


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