Mission statement of Sustainable Finance Sector Committee

The Sustainable Finance Sector Committee advocates for policies and regulations to grow Vietnam’s sustainable finance industry. We promote best practices, build skills through events and training, and facilitate the adoption of international standards.  With the growth of ESG investment and sustainable business practices worldwide, this committee provides a platform for policy dialogue between government, financial institutions, businesses, and experts in Vietnam.


Key focus areas for the committee include transition finance, investment in sustainability initiatives, taxonomy and stakeholder engagement. We also organize events, provide input on regulations, and publish an annual white paper with recommendations. 

Key Focuses

  • Regulatory Frameworks: Clear and comprehensive regulations mandating or incentivizing financial institutions to integrate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations into their investment decisions can drive the development of sustainable finance products. For instance, setting mandatory disclosure requirements for ESG factors or offering preferential treatment for sustainable investments in terms of capital requirements can encourage banks to develop such products. 
  • Tax Incentives: Tax breaks, exemptions, or reduced rates for financial institutions offering or investing in sustainable finance products can act as strong incentives. These incentives can take the form of reduced corporate taxes, exemptions on certain transactions, or tax credits for green investments. 
  • Public Funding and Subsidies: Government funding or subsidies directed toward sustainable projects or green initiatives can attract private investment. For instance, offering subsidies or low-interest loans for renewable energy projects can stimulate the creation of corresponding financial products.
  • Credit Support Mechanisms: Governments or central banks can establish credit guarantee schemes or lending facilities specifically targeting sustainable finance initiatives. These mechanisms reduce the perceived risk for financial institutions, encouraging them to lend or invest in sustainable projects.
  • Collaboration and Information Sharing: Facilitating collaboration among financial institutions, regulators, and other stakeholders can foster the sharing of best practices, data, and knowledge. This collaboration can lead to the development of innovative financial products aligned with sustainability goals.
  • Capacity Building and Training: Providing training programs, workshops, and resources to financial professionals can enhance their understanding of sustainable finance principles and practices. A knowledgeable workforce is crucial for the effective development and marketing of sustainable finance products.
  • Consumer Awareness and Demand: Initiatives aimed at raising public awareness about sustainable finance and its benefits can drive demand for such products. Educated consumers are more likely to seek out and invest in sustainable options, prompting financial institutions to offer more of these products.
  • Long-Term Planning and Reporting Requirements: Requiring financial institutions to incorporate sustainability considerations into their long-term strategic planning and reporting can encourage the development of sustainable finance products. Transparency in reporting on ESG metrics can also drive accountability and trust. 



Mathias Deferme 

Deep C

Board Member

Board Member

Deep Sen
Board member


Advocacy & Policy impact

  • Whitebook 2025
  • Green Economy Forum & Exhibition 2025

Capacity Building & Compliance

  • Workshop/roundtable per quarter
  • Co-branding & capacity building forums

Collaboration with other initiatives

  • Co-networking event with GGSC
  • Coordination with other chambers and think tanks


  • Newsletter on regulatory and industry news

Sustainable Finance Sector Committee Members


BNP Paribas

Deep C

Dynam Capital




WHA Group

Join the Sustainable Finance Sector Committee

Reference: 2023 Eurocham Sustainable Finance Sector Committee Workplan Leaflet

Membership fee: VND 25,000,000/member/year (1 January 2024 – 31/12/2024)

For inquiries, kindly contact:
Coordinator in charge of Sustainable Finance SC Ms. Ngoc Anh
Email: anh.pham@eurochamvn.org
Mobile: (+84) 911 221 997

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