On 18 and 19 September, EuroCham’s Medical Devices and Diagnostics Sector Committee (MDDSC) collaborated with the Ministry of Health (MOH), Asia Pacific Medical Technology Association (APACMed), and Infrastructure and Medical Devices Administration (IMDA) to organize an ASEAN Common Submission Dossier Template (CSDT) Workshop in Hanoi.



The event brought together APACMed representatives, IMDA leaders, and medical device registration experts across government departments and institutes. It provided an in-depth look at the format and content of the CSDT, which was endorsed by ASEAN countries to standardize pre-market submission dossiers for medical devices in the region.

Delivering opening remarks was EuroCham MDDSC Vice Chairman Gaurav Chhillar. He emphasized EuroCham’s commitment to serving as the voice of the international medtech industry in Vietnam. Through championing best practices and actively contributing to forward-thinking policies, EuroCham’s mission is to facilitate access to high-quality, sustainable healthcare for the Vietnamese population.



Furthermore, Mr. Chhillar shed light on EuroCham’s growing collaboration with IMDA, including recent discussions on a Memorandum of Understanding to enhance the medical device legal framework and technology application. He conveyed that the workshop exemplified the joint efforts between EuroCham, APACMed, IMDA and MOH to streamline regulatory processes and advance regional harmony.

By supporting initiatives like the CSDT workshop, EuroCham and its MDDSC continue working alongside government and industry partners to shape the future of healthcare accessibility, safety and innovation in Vietnam and across ASEAN.

Read the Opening speech by Mr. Gaurav Chhillar Vice Chairman of MDDSC: Click Here

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