On 14 December 2023, in Hanoi, the Infrastructure and Medical Device Administration (IMDA), under the Ministry of Health and the EuroCham Vietnam Medical Devices and Diagnostics Sector Committee (MDDSC) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on enhancing the regulatory environment and healthcare access towards promoting technological advancements in the medical device sector.



A signing ceremony took place with IMDA officers and MDDSC members in attendance. Dr. Nguyen Minh Loi, Director General of IMDA and Dr. Qadeer Raza, Chairman of the EuroCham Vietnam MDDSC, represented the two parties in signing the MOU. EuroCham and MDDSC Vice-Chairman Torben Minko as well as MDDSC Vice-Chairman Gaurav Chhillar also joined. 


Through the signing of the MOU, the two parties will be able to implement practical cooperation activities in the near future, including sharing best practices in unified medical device management, training, information exchange, and technical assistance to enhance healthcare management capacity. From there, this technical cooperation is expected to contribute to perfecting the legal framework on medical devices and enhancing the application of science and technology in Vietnam’s healthcare sector.


At the ceremony, Dr. Raza, Chairman of the EuroCham Vietnam MDDSC, expressed his enthusiasm, highlighting the event as a milestone in the ongoing evolution of the partnership between the IMDA and EuroCham. He added that the EuroCham Vietnam MDDSC has been actively involved in numerous initiatives with IMDA and the Ministry of Health, all aimed at fostering mutual development.


Dr. Raza emphasized the recent focus on promoting knowledge exchange and enhancing management capacity through various training programs and seminars. He also mentioned the support provided in implementing new regulations in Vietnam. The IMDA, as he noted, plays a crucial role in refining the regulatory framework for medical devices, leading to substantial improvements in Vietnam’s legal structure in this domain.


He underscored that the MOU represents a deeper level of cooperation and mutual commitment among the two organizations. This agreement sets a solid groundwork for optimizing medical equipment supply chains throughout Vietnam. 


Director of the IMDA, Nguyen Minh Loi, reflecting on the past 25 years, noted the burgeoning cooperative relationship between the Ministry of Health and EuroCham. He acknowledged EuroCham Vietnam’s role as a representative voice for European enterprises, aiding various sectors including small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as multinational corporations involved in Vietnam’s healthcare sector.


“Recently, we have experienced strong cooperation within EuroCham, especially in areas of institutional improvement, policy development, and providing feedback and critiques in the management of medical equipment,” Mr. Loi stressed.


Mr. Loi added that recently, in addition to support for policy development, there have also been many support activities of EuroCham, including capacity building through workshops for management staff. He said that EuroCham’s support has also contributed to Vietnam’s management of medical equipment gradually approaching and harmonizing with ASEAN countries.


The MOU signing ceremony closed successfully with positive exchanges, discussions, and encouraged more cooperation in the near future between the IMDA and the EuroCham Vietnam MDDSC.



EuroCham Vietnam’s MDDSC, founded in May 2016, serves as the voice of the international medical devices and in-vitro diagnostics industry. This committee actively collaborates with government entities, regulatory bodies, healthcare payers, and providers, among others, with the aim of advocating for exemplary practices and elevating industry standards. A key focus of MDDSC is to influence the development of policies that will significantly impact the future of healthcare in Vietnam. With a commitment to fostering sustainable, innovative, and high-quality healthcare solutions, our vision is to ensure that every citizen in Vietnam has timely access to the best possible healthcare.


Are you interested in joining the EuroCham MDDSC? Contact the MDDSC Sector Committee Coordinator Tien Nguyen at mddsc@eurochamvn.org for more info.

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