Whitebook 2020


The Whitebook is designed to provide a concise overview of the issues affecting European businesses in Vietnam. For each chapter, EuroCham has asked our 17 Sector Committees to focus on the issues which they believe the Vietnamese Government should address. The Whitebook also assesses how these issues affect Vietnam, for example through their impact on trade, growth or employment. Each chapter then puts forward specific recommendations to help improve the situation or to address the challenge identified.
There are 26 chapters in total: 1 chapter on recommendations for economic recovery post-COVID-19; 11 cross-sectoral chapters and 14 sectoral chapters. Each chapter is organised as follows:


Relevant Government Authorities
Issue description: a summary of the concern
Potential gains/concerns for Vietnam: a summary of the potential benefits or barriers to Vietnam
Recommendations: specific recommendations to improve or resolve the issue identified.

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